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We are making surfaces safe

Bio-fence is an Israeli health and food tech start-up that has developed an innovative technology that stabilizes disinfectants on surfaces. The company was founded early in 2018 at The Kitchen Hub Food-tech Incubator.

Today, when surfaces are sanitized during routine disinfection procedures, the disinfectant used has a very short efficiency period and lifespan. Therefore, sanitizers need to be constantly reapplied to the surfaces to maintain effectiveness. Even so, the results aren’t always adequate.

The Bio-fence additive is added to coatings, which can then be applied to various surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, and more.

Now, when a routine disinfection process is carried out, the Bio-fence coated surfaces prolong the activity of the disinfectant used - by hours, days and even weeks.

The new hygiene standard in high-touch surfaces.

As a disruptive technology, Bio-fence significantly alters the way sanitation works. Our mission is to establish a new standard in high touch surface hygiene.
In our post-pandemic market, there are fundamental problems in many industries that do not yet have satisfactory solutions. Controlling Listeria and Salmonella is a huge problem in the food industry. Pathogen bacteria outbreaks are costly and damage a company’s reputation.
Coating ‘high care’ production room infrastructure with Bio-fence technology can help eliminate cross contamination and biofilm occurrences.

Bio-fence offers a longer lasting anti-microbial additive with up to 99.9999% efficacy*, that is free of metal ions, versatile, sustainable and free from regulations

*According to ISO22196 & ISO 21702 tests.

  • Anti viral Anti viral,
    anti-bacterial activity Up to 99.9999% efficacy*
  • Anti viral Metal-ions free, safe for human use and low environmental impact
  • Anti viral Endless activity
  • Anti viral Adjuvant,
    No need for

Bio-fence partners with the paint and coating industry

Bio-fence’s patented functional additive, based on organic polymers, is added to resin-made products or coatings, which can then be applied to various material infrastructures such as floors, walls, metals plastic or wood.
The coating can be used in the food industry, hospitals, and healthcare institutes where the level of hygiene is crucial and routine sanitation processes are carried out.

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Our Applications

Proof Of Concept - Field pilot - Food Industry Poultry Processing Plant

Listeria is one of the major causative agents that accounts for serious diseases in humans and animals through the consumption of milk and other dairy products as well as meat, poultry, and ready to-eat products. World Health Organization (WHO) (2007-2015)

Bio-fence’s technology embedded in the industrial topcoat, provides a powerful anti microbial coating that stabilizes and prolongs the activity of chorine even under heavy organic load and wet conditions.

Using Chlorine as part of routine sanitation successfully eliminated the presence of Listeria sp for the entire duration of the pilot. There was a high level of total hygiene as reflected by EB and TC readings achieved compared to the control period.

  • Before

  • After

  • Correcting the sanitation routine so the last procedure before the weekend will be use the chlorine solution.

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